Kiddo Workshop Upgrade

I have a typical garage workshop COLD! DAMP! UNEVEN PITTED FLOOR! If it was zero degrees outside then it would be 2 degrees inside. Nothing rolls easily across the floor, I have a damp issue on one external wall which assists with keeping the garage cold. So although we have now hit spring and weather is improving, last month I decided to do something about it in preparation for next winter.


First job was to fix the damp wall issue, for this the guttering needed repairing and I needed to make a soak away to keep that water away from the wall.


1 – Damp Front


Second job was to extend the workshop by half a metre with a timber frame extension and a set of double glazed French doors. Clad the outside in UPVC, insulate with rockwool and panel the inside with OSB.


2 – Frame and Door
2 – During


Third job was a bit of a challenge, the aim was to screed and level floor then lay heavy duty plastic floor tiles over the top. The challenge was completing this task with out emptying the workshop.

Challenge accepted ……..

…….. I started by purchasing a diamond wheel cutter and an enclosure for my grinder, I attached the hoover to catch the dust and took the surface layer of grime and oil off of the old concrete floor. I was really surprised at just how well the enclosure captured the dust. I then painted the floor with a water based acrylic primer to help the self levelling compound adhere.




Fourth job was to install the new Diesel heater, this heater takes my garage from 2 degrees to 19 degrees in 55 minutes. I made a bracket to securely mount it and I am very pleased with the result.



So as I said earlier I was really pleased with the dust shroud for my grinder purchased off of Amazon:

Dust Shroud Grinding Cover for Angle Surface Grinders Universal for 115/125mm Vacuum Attachment 4 inch/ 4.5 Inch/ 5 Inch Dust Cover: DIY & Tools

I was also pleased with the 4 inch Concrete Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel that I also purchased on Amazon:

4 Inch Concrete Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel 12 Segs Heavy Duty Angle Grinder Wheels for Angle Grinder(Yellow): DIY & Tools

At £35.00 for both parts this was far cheaper than hiring a large concrete floor grinder which was about £200 for a week.

Here is the link to the Diesel heater I purchased, I looked at many similar models before purchasing this one from Amazon:

1 INCHHOME 2KW/5KW/8KW Air Diesel heater 12V Car Boat Truck Parking Heater w/LCD Switch (Metal all white, 8KW new remote control): Car & Motorbike