Double Diagonal Steam Engine built from castings.

The model is based on a twin–cylinder diagonal engine built by Lang Bridge Ironworks of Accrington in 1903 for textile printing machinery driving, from Bollington Printworks, Cheshire.



A built up crank from silver steel and mild steel webs was silver soldered together. The main shaft was then cut away and the keyway milled.




Phosphor bronze bearings are held in place by the top bearing housings.




The keyway was milled into the shaft and planed through the flywheel just a few thou at each pass of the Myford carriage.




The gunmetal crosshead trunk guide casting being machined with the help of a fixed steady.




Two cylinder assemblies – one left hand one right. All from gunmetal castings and stainless screws.  The cylinder cladding was thin brass sheet attached with brass round head screws.




Cylinder showing steam inlet to the steam chest.




Cylinder showing unusual position of steam exhaust connection. This is the reason why the cylinder bore has a liner. An annular ring is turned into the inner bore before the liner is inserted.