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News Updates

This page brings you bullet point information on current Club activities and general information.


Winter/ Spring 18

The work on the club house and facilities is progressing well and is nearing completion.

The new interactive W&DMES website should be going live next month.

EVENTS 1 - We have been asked if we are interested in exhibiting ME "stuff" and running a few traction engines at Charminster fete on Saturday June 2nd. Preferably some passenger passenger hauling with the traction engines?? Typical village fete with lots of people in a private gardens - big house etc. Please let me or Don know if you are interested in the first instance.

EVENTS 2 - Dordrecht in Stoom in Holland over the weekend of 25 - 27th May. Check out this website.  It looks like a really brilliant weekend for steam fans of boats, ships, rail, road, miniature, full size, etc.  Click on the English translation at the top of their page.

EVENTS 3 - The Committee are in the very early stages of planning an open day / formal opening of the Clubroom / event to say thankyou to all the contributors / Event. Probably around Easter when the weather warms up a bit and we can get all gauges and engines on show and in steam.

The dedication by the club members has been above and beyond the usual keen level of support and so progress is forging ahead at a good pace. If tempted to find out more and you wish to come along, have chat or lend your support details can be found on the 'Find Us' page.

The summer programme has been amended to include the club attendance at the Weymouth carnival, as ever, if anybody can spare time to help over the two days please contact the event lead. Full events can be found on the calender page.